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Open February 1st, 2023!

Canada’s First Cannabis Boutique Hotel
- Now Open! - 

Welcome to MaryJane Manor: a private, cannabis-friendly hotel offering boutique experiences and events with onsite consumption permitted throughout the property. This unique space was created for guests to have educational and memorable experiences with cannabis

in an adult-only environment, free from harmful bias, stigmas and judgement.


Like a home away from home, MaryJane Manor is the perfect setting for your romantic get away, private event, health and wellness retreats, conferences, educational courses and more.



Tucked away in the tiny hamlet of Mossleigh, MaryJane Manor is less than an hour's drive from Calgary. We are a newly renovated, cannabis-friendly space allowing for consumption in your room, in our lounge areas.

Currently, we are the only cannabis boutique hotel in the nation. Our 15 bedrooms are terpene themed, as we focus on cannabis education and the amazing properties found within the plant.


We offer a space for groups to gather and focus on health and wellness in a safe space to

learn about cannabis, talk about cannabis and consume cannabis in a judgment, stigma-free zone.

Now Open!

That's right, we are open!


Choose your date, choose your room and enjoy every second of your stay...we have some treats waiting for you!

Meet the Founder

Founder, Serena Donovan, is a medical cannabis patient and a recreational cannabis consumer. She owns and operates Because You Cann, a micro cultivation & micro processing facility. Because You Cann was the 2nd licensed micro cultivation facility in Alberta & the 25th licensed in Canada. She offers facility tours of Because You Cann, enabling consumers to see how their cannabis is grown. Serena also owns and operates Because You Cann Cannabis, the first cannabis dispensary in Mossleigh, Alberta. 

What is the MaryJane Manor?


The MaryJane Manor is an adult-only cannabis boutique hotel that is designed and focusing on cannabis education and experience. We allow guests to consume cannabis onsite, in a safe and welcoming space. 


MaryJane Manor is privately owned & operated, we are a family run business that is passionate about cannabis education.

What should I know?


  • MaryJane Manor is adult only (18+), pets are not permitted.

  • Because You Cann Cannabis Dispensary is on-site where all cannabis products can be purchased. 

  • Guests can choose their preferred choice of cannabis consumption or choose not to consume cannabis at all. THIS IS A JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE.

  • MaryJane Manor has been designed as a boutique hotel, come and relax in the calm prairie setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  • MaryJane Manor does not allow smoking cigarettes indoors in any area, but you are welcome to smoke cigarettes outside in our outdoor smoking area.

  • Parking is available on-site.

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